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The Age of Agape
An Era of Divine, Unselfish and Unconditional Love for Humanity!
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6/14/33 10:10 AM

"Divine Love makes the world go around! And certainly a force of such magnitudinous power would not be confined only to the realm of human reality and the limitations of human emotions."


          Hopefully, November 19, 2008 will make its date acknowledgeable in the archives of human records as a very important landmark of time that initiated a movement of spirituality powerful enough to jumpstart the ascension of humanity up the rungs of its evolutionary ladder. On Wednesday at 12:01 AM The Age of Agape will dawn its premiere rays of divine love and give birth to the spiritual movement of Nu-Feminism and its transformation of soul liberation - The New Revolution.

          As the Aquarian Conspiracy gains momentum of human consciousness, human activity will also gain momentum and humanity will significantly notice the transition from humans being to humans doing. The Age of Agape is an era of human action; a time when love will blossom forth from the human soul rather than the human heart. As a hologram of God the human spirit (soul) is filled with Godliness (divine love or Agape). Such powerful and wonderful love is suppressed by the life of the ego. The physical reality of the ego (lower-self) is obstructing the spiritual reality of the soul (higher-self). Liberating the human spirit (soul) is a spiritual affair between the ego and the soul; a loving relationship of self-love; a synthesis of individuality.


          The Age of Agape is about divine love and soul relationships. When souls relate it is an infinite bond of divine love reuniting in the present from other dimensions of past lives.

"The New Revolution is a spiritual reunion of Evolved Souls, Liberated Spirits and Ascending Beings."

          These exalted life forms of soul consciousness have been patiently awaiting the physical manifestation of the organization, cultivation and performance of the divine duty of Agape. The Age of Agape marks the ending of the reign of separatism and its dual reality of illusions. Agape (divine love) and its powerful magnetic force field will produce the attraction of integration, and divorce and separation will be recognized as acts of spiritual violence that greatly harms the human soul, incapacitating the soul's ability to love divinely. Divorce and separation will be non-existent in true soul relationships. The continuing bond from life to life will be cherished and enjoyed as new episodes of an infinite journey of human evolution.


Why hasn't humanity discovered the almighty power of divine love (God) and applied its incredible force of lovetricity toward the activity of everyday life? We can not realize that which we do not experience. And we can't experience that which does not manifest into our personal reality, or fit into our belief system. We experience God (divine love) when we apply divine love (God) in every aspect of our individual reality, particularly when we love others unconditionally.

          Electricity and lovetricity are both forces of energy that generate power in a very similar mode. In the physical world electricity operates according to physical laws and requires the polarity of positive and negative charges to generate electrical current. In the spiritual world lovetricity operates according to spiritual laws and requires the polarity of the ego and the soul to generate synergic current. When the prongs of polarity of an appliance are plugged into an electrical socket electricity can be conducted to the mechanism, thereby, empowering it with electrical energy. When the polarity of the ego and the soul form a bonding union and plugs into the cosmic socket of Omnipotent energy (God) the individual becomes empowered by the synergy of lovetricity. In other words, when the God within us (the human soul) comes out into the world in the forms of goodness toward others and service toward God (humanity), such divine, unselfish and unconditional love is called Agape.

"Agape is the lovetricity of humanity!"


How do the human heart, mind and soul take conscious action in the destruction of the life of another human being without the restraint of moral conscience manifesting obstruction? The answer to that question is the absence of the consciousness of divine love (God).

          Divine love (God) is an Omnipotent energy of magnetic force in the form of a vibrational frequency of positivism that permeates the entire universe. It is probably the most important force in human reality and certainly the most dynamic force on earth. The unfortunate misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the true meaning and dynamic expression of God (divine love) has allowed humanity to acquire a form of self-centeredness that accepts the antithesis of emotional love (hate) as a dualistic reality of human existence. This reality form of human existence is naturally due to the structure and function of physical reality and its developmental nature of separatism. In a physical world all realization is derived by analytical thinking and dissection, in which dualism presents its contradictions and oppositions. We love; therefore, we also hate. We live; therefore, we also die. And we create; therefore, we also destroy. It is this kind of dichotomy that enthralls the human spirit (soul) and denies it the kind of love that provides spiritual liberation.

          As one of the greatest thinkers of philosophical thought - Fredrick Wilhelm Nietzsche, once proclaimed, "We must go beyond good and evil in order to escape the realm of duality and its morass of conformity, which has stifled man's higher creative impulses and created a general war against the higher man, the higher soul, the higher duty, the higher responsibility, the creative plenipotence and lordliness; from which will evolve the ‘Over Man' (superman)."


It is the world of spiritual reality that enshrines the true meaning of the power of Agape. Agape is the most important of all of the principles of Nu-feminism, followed by spirituality. As divine love, Agape is considered the love that is of God's existence; a divine existence that is the natural essence within all organic life forms. The human soul is a hologram of God; therefore, divine love takes residence in the spirit of all human beings. Bringing divine love from within the human soul out into the world of human reality is the desperate need of humanity at this very moment of universal existence.

          Integration is the new phase of human evolution. Separatism has fulfilled its destiny. The parts have all been analyzed and matter has been investigated to its nth degree of finite existence. We have come to discover that matter is indeed a concrete form of energy, and that if we are to truly comprehend and fully grasp the meaning of the whole we must synthesize the parts through the integration of matter and energy.

          Integration of the ego and the soul will liberate the human spirit and the resonating energy of divine love will project its permeating force. We call this integration of the masculine ego and the feminine soul - Androgyny. Due to the fact that the ego and the soul are entities of separatism, the dominating ego is in opposition to the human spirit (soul) and divine love is suppressed in the selfish interest of emotional love. It is emotional love that is so conditional and only sustainable during periods of emotional satisfaction. Remove emotional satisfaction and the antithesis of love will make known its presence in the nerve system.

          Integration of the masculine and the feminine traits of the individual is the androgynous transformation that is necessary to become a whole person. Becoming a whole individual allows our lower self and higher self to merge into a complete human being.

Conventional marriage and bonding relationships as partners doesn't create wholeness like that of pieces of a puzzle. It takes two whole individuals to achieve wholeness in a relationship. Two fractions added together equal a bigger fraction; and struggling to break this law of natural mathematics causes abrasive destruction to both spirits.

          As products of cultural conformity; social suppression and dehumanization we have been conditioned to accept our gender definitions of identity and their roles of behavior as moral statues of rightful conduct. Women are not supposed to behave like men, and men are certainly not supposed to act like women. The reason is not because cross gender behavior is morally wrong, but because it culturally damages economic and social order, which depends so heavily upon proper gender role function. As long as men and women are individually incomplete they will gladly accept codependency as a pseudo form of completion. As long as humans can be emotionally manipulated by the sensations of love and the feelings of fear their patterns of behavior will be socially controlled. And as long as humans live in a physical reality and worship the possession of material objects with all their will and desire, they will remain victims in a thralldom of dehumanization.


Agape or divine love raises the human frequency and exalts human consciousness. As human energy and consciousness elevates to higher realms of vibration and realization intuition initiates the activity of our sixth sense. When our third eye takes on abstract vision we begin to see our true image of higher self. In the practice of Zen this is called soul awakening. Divine love begins to permeate the lower self and the ego experiences a surprising pleasure of emotional satisfaction in the form of  blissful self-esteem. The greater the development of self-esteem the greater divine loves develops between the ego and the soul. According to the teaching of the philosophy of Nungkyyii, you can't possibly love others with divine love without first loving yourself divinely. Divine love will not permeate an individual whose self-love is insufficient and whose ego and soul rages in conflict. Self-love is the beginning of the manifestation of Agape. The more we love the androgynous union of the ego and the soul and the spiritual values that manifest thereof, the lesser the meaning of our physical values. The greater the meaning of our spiritual values the greater the vibration of the frequency of Agape (divine love).


Here is what I think is the most exciting part of the message of my essay. Everything has an electrical frequency, even inanimate objects. All frequencies can be measured by the level of their vibration. In 1992, Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology built the first frequency monitor in the world. Taino has determined that the average frequency of the human body during the day is 62 to 68 Hz. When the frequency drops, the immune system is compromised. If the frequency drops to 58 Hz, cold and flu symptoms appear; at 55 Hz, disease take hold, and at 43 Hz, cancer develops. Taino's machine was certified as 100 percent accurate and was used in the field of agriculture.

          According to Dr. Robert O. Becker in his book "The Body Electric," "The human body has an electrical frequency, and that much about a person's health can be determined by their electrical frequency. Frequency is the measurable rate of electrical energy flow that is constant between two points."  

Dr. Royal R. Rife found that every disease has a frequency. He has found that certain frequencies can prevent the development of disease and that others would destroy diseases. "Substances of higher frequencies will destroy diseases of lower frequency."

If people knew that divine love is capable of raising their body frequency to levels of vibration that will destroy all diseases; cure the body's sickness, and extend the human aging process, isn't that a great enough incentive for humans to wholeheartedly pursue the development of unconditional love?


The Nu-feminism movement will encourage both men and women to integrate their feminine self and masculine self into a complete individual of androgynous being; practice living a rightful life of spirituality day by day; and learn to divinely love the members of the human race, even your enemies!


As the Age of Consciousness permeates our planet the power of Agape will gain greater awareness in the hearts, minds and souls of those individuals seeking purpose, reason and meaning for living. And when Ascending Beings, Evolved Souls and Liberated Spirits form their magnetic pole of divine attraction Agape will become a force of humanism that will initiate The New Revolution; a spiritual transformation that will liberate all the souls that are wholeheartedly ready and prepared to accept their fateful role of human destiny.